There are 7 calories per gram of alcohol.  That is only 2 calories less than per gram of fat!!  When you consume alcohol, you also will tend to crave more saltier fattier foods which can result in derailing your normal or healthy eating regimen.  Alcohol can cause you to lose a significant amount of water that the body needs and can last for over a day causing dehydration.  Yes, the calories consumed from an alcoholic beverage are “empty calories”, but why would you want these when they serve NO positive purpose on the healthy of your body.  (I totally get how it might help your mental from time to time ;0) )  Keep in mind, alcohol is technically a poison and can cause you to frequently make bathroom stops because your body is trying to dispose of it and get it out as quickly as possible.  When you process alcohol, it passes through your liver.  Your liver will then decides what to do with it which results in it processing and metabolizing it as a fat.  Depending on many other factors, age, genetics, etc, the liver with then store it where ever it pleases causing you to build fat in different areas of your body.  I am a believer of moderation and I do believe in indulging and celebrating life, occasions, and successes.  Try planning and making specific choices when it comes to indulging in some happy hour fun!!! Think of it like a cheat meal regimen.  One to two times a week.  The remainder of the time, try to stay in a consistent routine with your exercise, supplement, water, and nutrition!!!  Plus, it always feels more rewarding when you feel you have earned something indulging!!