Creative Cardio

Cardio training is something that some love and some absolutely do not. Everyone has a perception of what “cardio” entails, but there are so many creative ways of making it fun and productive at the same time!! Basically, as long as you are allowing your heart rate to increase and decrease and challenging yourself at a safe maintainable level, you will have success and results if done consistently. Yes, the treadmill, stairmill, elliptical, bike, those are all considered forms of cardio.

Fortunately, there are more ways to get it done and make time fly! Try incorporating sprints, rope training, bootcamps, dance classes. All of these have the characteristics of a cardio session and will help you increase your heart health and burn fat!! For example: if you are going to train with the ropes, try using both hands going up and down as fast as you can at the same time or alternating. Do this in short bursts timed, or for a set number of repetitions each side. Take a 60 second rest in between and continue to repeat. You could work sets of ropes (i.e. 5-10 sets) in with sprints (i.e. 40 yards both ways) and continue for a duration of around 20-30 minutes and BOOM, you did your cardio!!!!!

Make sure to eat something solid an hour to an hour and a half before so you don’t get lightheaded and to give you POWER during your training!!