Help me help you!!! Send me an email and let me know what your goals and motivations are when it comes to fitness and nutrition!!! Are you looking to lose weight? Put on muscle? Compete in a show? Learn about and get healthy with nutrition? This will help me create a program that is customized to fit you and your needs and will change with you and grow with you and your progress. It takes a balance and it is hard to reach a fitness goal without one or the other. Weights, Cardio, and Nutrition!!!! THEY WORK TOGETHER!! By providing you with a regimen including specified workouts, cardio schedules, measurement tracking, nutrition diary monitoring, and unlimited answers to all of your regimen questions, I can guide you to your fitness goals smoothly and enjoyably. I make sure to split up the body parts in the work outs so you do not injure yourself, customizing each workout to make sure we are hitting your target areas the right way, and consistently enough in order to burn fat and build muscle adequately. You will receive specified cardio to ensure that you are doing the right kind and amount to attain the fitness goals you desire. I will also add you to my VIP Facebook “Nutrition Tips and Tricks” page where you can find recipes and add recipes you wish to share that keep you going and give you options.
I will teach you and motivate you to learn how to get up when you fall down, jump higher after you’ve jumped high, and keep going when you are getting bored!!! Shoot me a message and Ill be sure to get back to you!!!